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I'm here to share my favorite fashion with you... You're welcome

suit pants


My Go-To Slacks

I have dozens of Cucinelli suits in my closet. If dressing like the Devil is your goal, then you have to start here. Mine are all custom made, of course, but regular humans can get them as well.


A Pocket Square for Every Day of the Year

I literally have a pocket square for every day of the year. In my world, the perfect square is essential and sets the tone for every look.



The Only Shoe

Louboutins are the only shoe you need in your closet. I never leave home without mine. These boots are my new faves. Bloody perfect.

Derek Rose

Silk Robes are a Necessity

I don't know about you, but I need silk. If I'm forced to cover this perfect body, I refuse to do so with just anything. Black and red are required.

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