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My name is
Lucifer Avgerinos.

I am the Devil.
God's Fallen Favorite.

The Lightbringer.

And everything you think you know
about me is wrong...

Well, almost everything.



by Karie Evans


After eons of trying to prove that humanity was God's true failure, Lucifer Avgerinos settled into life in Hollywood, which was the perfect place of residence for the devil, as far as he was concerned. He ran a successful movie studio, enjoyed the evil fodder abundant in the industry, and generally lived up to the most impious aspects of his eternally sinful reputation.

However, after losing one of the most dangerous divine weapons ever created, Lucifer is thrust into battle against a secret society backed by the Vatican to save the world from an ancient, end-of-times prophecy. Circumsta
nces, or perhaps divine intervention, force Lucifer into partnership with occult historian, Kate St. Matin, who proves to be much more important, if not vital, to the outcome of an even bigger war brewing between the darkness and the light, a war that stretches from the gates of Heaven to the cells of Hell.

The original sinner must come to terms with his place in the failure of humanity and his feelings for Kate to save the souls of everyone on Earth. The devil's heart is the key to salvation for everyone. However, Lucifer will have to do something he has never, in the history of history, been able to do. Love.

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